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Vacuumlabs is teaming up with a fintech finalist to help businesses through the COVID crisis

BY 10.06.2020 2 minutes read

In April, R3, an enterprise blockchain software company, launched an initiative called “Call to Action”, a challenge to the wider development community to come up with innovative solutions to the grave problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic using their open-source blockchain platform, Corda. As a certified Corda development partner, this was a challenge that we couldn’t turn down, so we offered our development services to fast track one of the winners to market.

After receiving submissions from over 20 countries, all projects were evaluated on their go-to-market strategy, technical design, and impact on the COVID-19 challenges. The three winners were announced on May 20th and we are delighted to be teaming up with one of them.

NU Credits is a London/Hong Kong-based trade finance platform that helps SMEs exporters and importers to maintain stable cash flow by settling outstanding invoices and mitigating the need for advance payments to the suppliers. We were impressed with the focus of their product and as Corda certified engineers with a strong background in Fintech, we will provide NuCredits with a lot of valuable support. We will invest our expertise and development capacity to accelerate their product to market quickly and effectively.

Putting the tech into fintech – how Vacuumlabs will help

Vacuumlabs provide teams of flexible software engineers and designers with years of experience building fintech, online marketplaces, and digital products. We know how to get blockchain products to market quickly (check out how we got Yoroi Wallet to market in 3 months) and with the speed being one of the most important aspects when fighting the corona crisis, this challenge was right down our alley.

We’re really looking forward to working with NU Credits and helping to bring their ideas to life in a way that will help to protect people around the world and manage their finances in such a volatile time.

Vacuumlabs is also a development partner of EMURGO, the Cardano Foundation, and IOHK. We supported the creation of the first crypto exchange-traded fund ( First Crypto ETF) containing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, with shares in the fund represented by crypto tokens. We provided the team that developed the tokens, hot and cold wallets, and the website supporting ICO token exchange and client account management.

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R3 leads the largest blockchain ecosystem worldwide, helping multiple industries and sectors to build business solutions using their open-source blockchain platform. Corda was designed to be flexible and scalable, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security.

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Vacuumlabs provides teams of flexible software engineers and designers with years of experience building fintech, online marketplaces, and digital products. Every step of the way, Vacuumlabs experts collaborate with clients, so that they can move fast, learn and iterate as they build world-class products together.

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